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Board Meeting Minutes

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Board Minutes Date of Meeting
January Organizational Meeting 1/10/2012
January Regular Meeting 1/10/2012
February Regular Meeting 2/16/2012
March Regular Meeting 3/7/2012
April Regular Meeting 4/17/2012
May Finance Committee Meeting 5/10/2012
May Regular Meeting 5/17/2012
June Records Commission Meeting 6/21/2012
June Regular Meeting 6/21/2012
June Special Meeting 6/28/2012
July Regular Meeting 7/11/2012
July Records Commission 7/25/2012
July Special Meeting 7/25/2012
August Special Meeting 8/7/2012
September Special Meeting 09/05/2012
September Regular Meeting 09/19/2012
September Special Meeting 09/26/2012
October Regular Meeting 10/24/2012
November Regular Meeting 11/15/2012
December Special Meeting 12/11/2012
December Regular Meeting 12/20/2012
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