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The Newton Falls Exempted Village School District is committed to providing supportive services for every student within the regular education program. For those students who have special needs, a full range of supportive options are available. In keeping with state and federal law, our orientation is to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to learn and participate as much as possible within the regular education environment. However, some children are hindered in their ability to profit from the traditional programs presented within our school's regular programs. Consequently, supplemental services and interventions must be available to ensure that all children with special needs are making appropriate progress within the least restrictive environmental setting. The goal of any special education programming in this district is to increase the skill level and competence of every student so that they are eventually better able to function within a regular educational setting.

A continuum of supportive services are provided for every child identified as having a disability. These services range in intensity and depend upon the needs of each student. For many students, special education supports within the regular education classroom setting are sufficient to meet their needs. For other students, regular classroom involvement with support periods in the special education resource room, help them to master skills necessary to maintain an appropriate standard of performance. There are some students whose disabilities are severe and significantly impair their ability to profit from instruction in the regular education environment. For those students, it may be appropriate to provide special education classroom instruction for specific subject areas. Our special education teachers collaborate with all teachers to develop interventions and make accommodations for the special needs of children identified as having a disability.

Within each building, our special education teachers and their aides engage in a variety of supports to meet the needs of their students. Their time is distributed between providing interventions within the regular education setting, the resource room for extra individualized skill development, and perhaps teaching specific subject areas to students with substantial deficiencies. The degree of their involvement and their schedules are determined within each building according to the Individual Education Plan of the students they serve. Principals are responsible for maintaining this orientation within each building; they ensure that necessary services are identified and that the appropriate resources are provided as directed by the Individual Educational Plan for each student.

Please direct questions or comments to:Robin Langley, Director of Special Services, Newton Falls Exempted Village School District, 907 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, OH 44444 Phone: 330-872-0909

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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