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Technology Department

Connectivity Champions

Connectivity Champions is a group that may assist families with obtaining internet connectivity in their home.

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About the Department

The district technology department is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all of the computer and technology related systems throughout the school district. With over 1000 Chromebooks and computers spread throughout all of the buildings, maintenance and upkeep is the major function of our office.

Parent and Student Gradebook Access (ProgressBook)

Parents and students are able to access grades online to monitor progress and check for missing assignments and lesson plans from teachers. There are two different ways to obtain an account to login to the site.

1.Students are able to login automatically to the ProgressBook site by using their school provided email address. This was implemented in the 2020-21 school year and now students do not need to have a separate account for ProgressBook.

2. Parents will need to request a security code from the Technology office in order to create their account. In order to obtain the security code, you must be registered as a contact with the appropriate school office. New registrations are provided with a form that you can fill out and the technology office will email you the security code or you can request one from the technology office using the help desk.

Click here to put in a help desk ticket with the Technology Department.

GoGuardian Parent App

Parents are now able to monitor their child's activity on the Internet the same way their teachers, administrations, and the technology department can through the use of the GoGuardian Parent App. GoGuardian is a software program that is implemented by the district to monitor and filter internet activity for students. If a student spends hours upon hours not working on school work and watching YouTube videos, the teacher and school district is aware of this, and now parents can be aware as well. This app runs on Android and Apple phones.

To sign up for this feature, you need to do the following:

1. Download the GoGuardian Parent App from your device's app store

2. To complete to Tech Office GoGuardian Parent Request Form, click here. Please make sure you enter the correct email address you will be using to register the app.

3. Once you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email with the subject GoGuardian Parent App letting you know you can log into the app now. You will not be able to log into the app until you receive this confirmation email.

4. Log into the app!

District Email List for Information

The school district employs 4 different methods in making announcements to the community and parents: we have an automated system that will place phone calls to all registered phone numbers with the district, we post information on the district’s website, we post information on the district’s Facebook Page, and we now email the same information out to a district wide email list. If you would like to receive notices via email, please make sure you sign-up on the email list.

Click here to sign up for the district email list.

Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Each year, students and parents are furnished with the Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy. This is a board approved policy that outlines the proper usage of computers and the Internet within the school district. If a student violates any conditions within this policy, potential discipline actions may take place. Please be sure to sit down with your child(ren) and review this policy each year in order to ensure their safety on the Internet and proper usage of technology for educational purposes.

Click here to view and print the district's Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Technology Support for Students and Parents

If any student and/or parent has any questions or concerns about technology used within the classroom or for connecting to educational services supported by the school district, please contact the district’s technology office for assistance. When contacting the technology department, please provide information on the issue you are having, as well as contact information so that we can get back in touch with you to resolve any issues. The following is our contact information:

Phone: 330-872-0294 extension: 7368


Chromebook Assignment for Students

Each student (K-12) is assigned a Chromebook and Chromebook charger to be used for this classroom. They will be assigned at the beginning of the school year or at open house times. These Chromebooks are turned in at the end of the school year for updates and cleaning. Once a Chromebook is assigned to a student, they will have the same Chromebook returned back to them the following school year (unless the Chromebooks are replaced through the district’s rotation plan. As budget permits, grades K, 5, 9, will receive new Chromebooks each year). If a Chromebook or charger cords are not returned at the end of the school year, there may be issues with the student receiving another Chromebook the next school year. The technology office will make every attempt possible to contact parents to have Chromebooks returned at the end of the school year. Chromebooks cost $300 per unit, with $40 per charger cord and are property and managed by the school district. If a student is experiencing issues with a Chromebooks, please contact the technology department for assistance.

Filtered Internet

Under Federal Law, the school district is required to filter the internet to all students. The technology department works with our local ITC (NEOMIN), as well as, monitors the activity of use of the Internet through the school network. If the district did not have this filtering in place, we would not be eligible for any Federal Funding such as eRate, which helps offset the cost of the Internet, or Federal Title Funding. We ask that you help us in protecting your children while they are on the Internet. Please review the Student Internet Use Policy and the GoGuardian Parent App Sections for more information.

Student Email

Every Newton Falls student will be assigned a school email address. This email is used for many things including signing into their Chromebooks. They also need these accounts to connect with their teachers and for use with Google Classroom. This email is filtered and students are not able to receive email messages from outside of the domain (unless there is an educational related site that is used by teachers and/or guidance counselors).

Teacher Sales Tax Exemption

In Ohio, there is legislation providing an exemption from sales tax for teachers when they purchase computer equipment under certain circumstances. Please note hat this exemption only covers computer equipment (hardware). It does not cover separately sold software or computer supplies such as paper, ink, toner, etc.

Sales Tax Law H.B. 215 states:

"Sales of computers, computer monitors, computer keyboards, modems, and other peripheral equipment to an individual who is licensed or certified to teach in a elementary or a secondary school in this state for use by that individual in preparation for teaching elementary or secondary school in this state of ruse by that individual in preparation for teaching elementary or secondary school students."

What you need to give to the vendor:
1. Verification of your teacher license or certification signed and dated by your building principal on school letterhead. In place of this, a copy of your license or certificate is also acceptable.
2. Unit Certificate of Exemption (tax exempt form).

Click here to view the tax form

Technology Coordinator:

Mr. Shawn Donley

Computer Network Assistant:

Mr. Chad Wrataric

Computer Technician:

Ms. Natasha Raddatz

Hours: 7:30AM - 3:30PM

District Technology Office
909 1/2 Milton Blvd.
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444
Phone: 330-872-0294
Fax: 330-872-3351

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