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To Register a Student in the District

To begin your child's journey as a tiger, they first need to be registered within the school district...

The Newton Falls Exempted Village School District is required by Ohio Revised Code to keep permanent records on each registered student within the boundaries of the school district. The following documents will be required to complete the full registration of your child.

  • Birth Certificate (or equivalent) of the child.
  • Shot Records of the child.
  • Proof of residency within the boundaries of the Newton Falls Exempted Village School district (see details below)
  • Copy of the child's Social Security Card (office will make a copy)
  • Copy of the parent's driver's license (or identification card, office will make a copy)
  • Copy of custody/court papers when:
    • Child is not living with the natural mother at her residence shown in proof of residency.
    • Natural mother and father were never married, court document that shows that the father has parental rights (if that is wanted).
    • Any applicable court documents showing temporary custody of child, other than the natural mother.
    • If child is living with grandparents whom reside within the school district (see below)
  • The completed "Full Registration" packet shown below.

Full Registration Packet (contains the minimum required forms)

The link below will download the entire registration packet in .pdf format. This download has all of the required forms needed to complete a "basic" registration within the school district. All of these forms must be completed and turned in at the time of registration.


Individual Forms

Listed below are individual forms (some already within the registration packet) in case you need a specific form by itself. Also are listed other forms that the district may require based on your circumstance. We have also included forms that may be required to be renewed on an annual basis. These forms are sent home with every student at the beginning of the school year. If you need another copy of the form, they will be listed below.

Registration Form

This is a three page document and is the first section of the registration packet; however, if you need another copy of just this form we are providing it here. The registration form requests the "general" information for the child that will be used to enter the information into the district's student information system. It is important that you complete as much information as possible on this form.


Request to Release Student Records

This form is used to request records from another school district to be transferred to Newton Falls. In most cases, when the other school district receives this notification, they will transfer and withdraw the child from their district and send the information to Newton Falls to fill in the details of the registration. The school district will need the approval to request these records.


Health History

This form is part of the registration packet and is used to list any health issues for your child. Please complete this form and turn it into the appropriate building office. This form will be sent to the school nurse to assist with monitoring the health of your child.


Proof of Residency

During the registration process (and if the district is notified of a potential change in address), the district will request an updated proof of residency. Residency is defined as the location at which the parent/guardian or child sleeps at night. The district is required by Ohio Revised Code and Board Policy to have proof on file that the student resides within the boundaries of the school district. Please review this form for the different documents that can be furnished to establish proof of residency. If the location that you are living at does not have a mortgage or rent/lease agreement in the name of the residential parent, the district will also require an "Affidavit of Shared Residency Form" to be completed by the homeowner or rent/lease agreement holder. Please review this complete document for details.


Parent Access Request Form

Parent's have the ability to login to the Parent Access for ProgressBook module to view student's grades and assignments from teachers. In order to gain access to this module, you need to have a security code. You can complete the following form, or enter a technology help desk ticket on-line to request the security code. For more information, please review our ParentAccess Login page.


Free or Reduced Lunch Application

Children need healthy meals to learn. The Newton Falls Exempted Village School offers healthy meals each school day for breakfast and lunch. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced-price meals. Please review this form and application to apply for a Free or Reduced Lunch.


Non-prescription Medication Authorization

The school nurse requires this form to be completed and turned in to the school district if there is any non-prescription medication that is permitted to be given to your child. Please complete this form and have it sent to the appropriate school nurse's office.


Emergency Care Form

IT IS IMPERATIVE that the Emergency Care Information is current and up-to-date. This form is sent home each school year, and must be updated and sent back to the district. This form enables parents and guardians to authorize the provision of emergency treatment for children who become ill or injured while under school authority, when parents or guardians cannot be reached. This form is also used each year by the building offices to cross check student addresses and contact phone numbers that are used for the district all call system.


Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy

According to Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools Board Policy po7540.03, each student and parent or guardian are required to be notified each year about the board policy associated with the student's use of technology and the Internet. This form will need to be reviewed, signed, and returned to the school district each year.


Student Withdrawal Form

When a student withdraws from Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools, the district requires a withdrawal form from the parent/guardian of the child.


Please find the forms required to register your child with Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools in this listing.

We are providing a link to a full registration package, as well as, links to individuals forms that the school district may request from you if needed.


If you have any questions in regards to the registration process, please contact the appropriate buildings for further assistances.


If you are interested in our K-12 Online Only Building, please contact the appropriate building listed above and inquire about the Online Only option.


The forms on this page require the Adobe Reader to view/print the forms. If you need to install that, please Click Here for the download and installation directions.

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