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EL/MS School Counselors

Character Development Lessons

Character development lessons provide developmental and preventative approaches to topics such as feelings, social skills, empathy, conflict resolution, goal setting, bullying, personal safety, career exploration, test taking strategies, and personal safety.

Small Group Counseling

Small Group Counseling groups address issues including friendship, worry, self-esteem, anger, divorce, bullying, grief, transitioning to a new school or new grade level and managing stress. Teachers and/or parents can request a student be included in a small group. The school counselor will obtain parent permission before including the student in a small group.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a one-on-one meeting with a student to discuss a problem, concern, or issue in a confidential setting. Students may contact me via, "I need to see the counselor slips" found in the front office. Individual counseling sessions are short-term and each session may last between 5-30 minutes. The focus is on the development of coping and strategy building.

Please understand that it is not always possible to notify parents each time a student’s stops by my office. The majority of situations that students work on include resolving conflicts, peer interactions, academic struggles, and managing emotions. I work under the laws of confidentiality, which allows me to create a trusting relationship with students. If I feel that a student is in any harm or a situation is too large for them to tackle without assistance, I will break confidentiality and contact parents.

Consultation and Collaboration

The school counselors consult and collaborate with teachers, parents and administrators to ensure the academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of students are met. In addition, the school counselors can provide direction and referrals if parents choose to access additional outside support services as needed. Consultation with staff and parents is an important part of the support process as we all work together to create a safe and caring environment for students at school and at home.

We are available to work with students at Newton Falls on a daily basis. We are looking forward to making this a wonderful school year for you and your student(s). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel your student would benefit from any of the services provided.

School Based Social Work Services

This year we are lucky to have a Social Worker from Homes for Kids Child and Family Solutions available to Newton Falls Schools as a support and resource for students and families. The social worker is here to link students and families to needed community resources such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, personal safety and income. The School Counselors in the buildings will be the liaison between the families and the social works. No meeting or contact with the social worker will happen without initiation by myself or administration. Please contact me if you have any other questions or would like to be connected to this resource.

EL/MS School Counselor:
Miss Rebecca Eggleston

EL/MS School Counselor:
Mrs. Jenna Smith

EL/MS School Counselor:
Mr. Zachary Parent

EL/MS School Counselors
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