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ParentAccess Login

Click the ProgressBook ParentAccess picture below to log in to or create your account.


Creating Your Account

The first step in creating your ProgressBook ParentAccess account is to get a Registration Key for your student(s). To get your Registration Key(s), you will have to put in a Parent Help Ticket with the Technology Office for the school district. You will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, and the name(s) of your student(s).


After you have submitted the ticket, the Technology Office will email you back with the Registration Key(s) for your student(s) as soon as they can. The Technology Office hours are 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM on school days. They maintain and support the entire school district as well as parents, so please bear with them until they can reply to your request. Click the button below to sumbit your Help Desk Ticket.


Now that you have your Registration Key(s). Go to either the white button in the left hand column of every page that says ProgressBook Online Grades


or hover over the Students/Parents button in the orange bar of every page of the school's site and select Parent Login


and click the link at the top of this page.

NOTE: Some browsers may not go directly to the Newton Falls Progress Book link and you may be taken to the District selection screen. Click on the link for Newton Falls Ex Vill SD. This step will mainly be taken only the very first time you go to ProgressBook ParentAccess or if your web browser has had its cache cleared.


To create your account, click on the blue link marked "Create an account" or click the blue Sign Up button.


The next screen will have a button in the middle marked "I am a parent." There is also one beneath it marked "I am a student." Students may follow these same steps to create an account so that they themselves can see their grades online.


After you click on "I am a parent," you will be taken to the Create Parent Account screen and will enter the required information. When you get down to the third section marked "Link Students to Account"


there are a few things to remember.

  • When you enter the Registration Key, be sure that there are no spaces on either side of the key.
  • Use your child's legal first name. The email you received from the Tech Office will include the name of the student as it appears in the system along with their registration key (ex: Donley, Shawn: PAXXX01XXX3X2X1). If there is an error with the spelling of your child(ren)'s name, please contact their respective building office to correct the error.
  • Be sure to follow the required format for your child's date of birth. A birth date of June 3, 2000 should be typed 06/03/2000

You will notice toward the bottom left of the screenshot above a link marked "Tasks: Link another student to account." If you click on this, it will add another set of fields to be filled out. You can keep selecting that and filling out the information until all of your children have been linked to your account. Once all of the information has been filled out, click the green +Register button on the bottom left of the page. This will complete your registration.

You will be taken back to the initial log in screen. Log in with your username and password and you're done!

Complete User Guide

Click here for the comprehensive ProgressBook ParentAccess User Guide.
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