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Ohio Improvement Process

Ohioans have many reasons to be proud of our educational system. Ohio’s achievement can be attributed to the many dedicated teachers, administrators, board members, students and families, who have worked to continuously improve our educational system. Since 2000, Ohio has steadily built a standards-based educational system that clarifies content standards in every subject and grade level, and that aligns curriculum and assessments to those standards. With this nationally recognized system in place, Ohio’s students are achieving at higher levels than ever before.

Over the past several years, the state has enacted a number of policy advances that build on this strong foundation. In 2005, the State Board of Education adopted three critical sets of standards: Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession, Ohio Standards for Principals and Ohio Standards for Professional Development. Coupled with the Academic Content Standards for students, these benchmarks provide Ohio’s educators with a powerful path to improve their practice and increase student achievement.

These advances in the development and refinement of standards constitute a solid framework for a coherent, aligned system to improve educator quality. While we are proud of these advances, we also knew that if we were serious about improving the quality of education for all of Ohio’s students, a critical challenge remained – to ensure that those who lead our schools, regardless of role, have the essential knowledge and skills to do their jobs – and do them well. Simply put, we needed a framework that would improve leadership at all levels of the system from the state, to the district, to the school building, to the classroom.

In 2007, a partnership between the Ohio Department of Education and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators was established to address this challenge. This partnership brought together a distinguished group of leaders from all regions of the state, representing a variety of roles, disciplines and points of view. The leadership development framework presented in this document represents the work of the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) and identifies essential leadership practices needed by superintendents and leadership teams at the district and building level to improve instructional practice and student performance.

Since this time, Newton Falls Exempted Village School district has been working with the Trumbull Educations Service Center to align the curriculum at Newton Falls with these Ohio standards. This is the need for the teacher professional development days (or waiver days) that you see on the school schedule each year.

During these professional development days, the staff of Newton Falls come together and focus on policies and procedures that are focused on achieving the common goal of the Ohio Improvement Process.

Please click here for this year's Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools, OIP Plan.

Ohio Improvement Process

For more information on the Ohio Improvement Process, connect to the Ohio Department of Education.

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