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Adult and Parent Volunteering

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or chaperon for any of our buildings, first, let us thank you for your dedication to community services and the children of this community. Volunteering not only helps the staff and teachers, but also teaches students that community involvement is important, and again we gratefully thank you for your time.

In order to be a volunteer or chaperon, the following guidelines are outlined in the building student handbook, is a Newton Falls Board of Education policy, and is stated within the Ohio Revised Code (ORC):

  1. Each volunteer must have a current BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) background check.
  2. Volunteers are not permitted to bring any pre-school age children with them while they are volunteering.

How long does the BCI Last?

We receive questions at the board of education office often as to how long a BCI is good, and when another one is needed. If you will have any direct contact to students (who are not your own children) you will have to have a BCI in order to be within the school buildings. Here is a list to help you determine if you need a BCI:

  • All parent volunteers will have to renew their BCI every (5) five years, if they want to remain volunteering.
  • All staff has to renew their BCI every (5) years.
  • All adult (non-parent) staff have to renew every (5) years.
  • All coaching staff have to renew every (5) years.
  • Any "new" employee to the district has to have a new BCI/FBI.

How do you get a current BCI?

Receiving a current BCI is a simple process. You will need to call the Trumbull County Board of Education at (330) 505-2800 and make an appointment. When you go for your appointment, you will need a money order for $30.00 payable to: Trumbull Country Educational Service Center.

The address of the service center for your appointment is: 6000 Youngstown Warren Rd., Niles, OH 44446-4603. (Corner of Rt46 and Rt 422 - next to Marcs and Staples).


For a printable version of these directions, please CLICK HERE.

Parent Volunteering Inforgraphic
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