Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools


Treasurer Office Forms


Columbus City Hotel Tax Exempt Form

Motor Fuel Tax Refund

Tax Exempt Form


Purchase Order Requisition Form

Mileage Reimbursement Form


Fraud Hotline

Payroll Forms

Leave Form

Time Sheet

I-9 Employment Verification Form

Homeland Security Form

Ohio New Hire Form

Internet Use Agreement

Direct Deposit Form

Ohio Tax Withholding Form

SERS New Hire Form

STRS New Hire Form

Federal Tax Withholding Form

Student Activity Forms

Complete Student Activities Manual

Activity Feedback Form

Box Office Report - Ticket Sales

Budget Statment

Budget Revision Form

Fundraiser Permission Slip for Students

Fundraiser Sales Project Potential

Fundraiser Student Receipt of Award

Graduating Class Form

Receipt Form

Receipt Codes

Use of School Facilities

Use of School Facilities Application

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