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JHHS 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Newton Falls High School Philosophy

The staff of Newton Falls High School firmly believes in the development of the whole child, affording all necessary experiences in the physical, mental, social and spiritual life to enable the child to become a well-adjusted individual in our society.

In recognition of individual differences, a comprehensive program is provided affording each student the opportunity to choose an education pathway most conductive to the fulfillment of his/her individual needs.

Acknowledging that a Democracy's strength depends upon the summation of individual capacities and abilities to contribute to it, ample opportunities are provided in the areas of citizenship and leadership.

The staff of Newton Falls High School has the responsibility to constantly evaluate its educational program through various levels of research to insure quality education.

News and Announcements

Everyone here at Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools wishes all students and staff a safe and happy summer!
Posted: 06/29/2022 07:20:14

The District has partnered with PlayOn! Sports and the NFHS Network to install cameras in the Gene Zorn Gymnasium, Junior High Gymnasium, and Football Stadium so we may stream live game footage to our fans from the comfort of their own home for the upcoming school year.

Previously, we had utilized the services and expertise of Tom Gregory and GregoryFilms to help provide this service to our fans. This decision was a cost-saving measure to help reduce expenses while still providing a continuity of streaming services for our community.

We appreciate all of Tom's hard work for our district and the time he spent teaching our students valuable lessons relating to multimedia and broadcasting. We hope to continue forward with our streaming and broadcasting program using the skills and knowledge that Mr. Gregory has shared with our students. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to you tuning in to our 22-23 Tiger Season!
Posted: 06/29/2022 07:20:13

The 2022/2023 Junior High/High School bookbag policy has been released. Read it to find important information, such as:

In an effort to increase building security, the Junior High and High School will only permit CLEAR book bags, beginning with the 22-23 school year.

• Clear book bags ONLY are permitted. Book bags must have clear visibility through all dimensions, including the bottom. Colored, transparent book bags are not permitted.

• Any bags other than clear book bags are strictly prohibited, including mesh. Colored, transparent book bags are not permitted. The bag may have a mesh pocket OR colored

• All athletic bags will be checked into the respective offices (HS: 9-12; JH: 6-8) prior to entering the building and can be retrieved at the end of the day following the dismissal
• Any musical instrument cases must be checked into the respective offices prior to entering the building and will be transported to the band/music room each day. Students
may retrieve their instruments from their band lockers during class and the instrument case will remain in such location until the end of the day.

• Students are permitted to carry personal hygiene items in a small pouch within the clear backpack or a small purse, no larger than 6 inches by 9 inches.

To read the entire policy, click here.
Posted: 06/28/2022 08:23:22

The Positive Parenting Program, or Triple P, is a new program from the Ohio Governor's Children’s Initiative, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Ohio Children's Trust Fund. Triple P offers resources and free courses for parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators to promote the well-being of children and teens.

Please click this link to learn more!
Posted: 06/14/2022 09:26:27

Attention Newton Falls Families:

As mentioned before, we are very excited to announce that the Newton Falls Exempted Village School District has partnered with Final Forms, an online forms and data management service. Final Forms allows you to complete and sign academic and athletic forms for your students.

All current parents within the district registered as the Primary Contact with the district, will receive a confirmation email from Final Forms over the next several days. Please be sure to monitor your email account, including your spam folder, for this initial email. If you do not receive the email by Tuesday, May 31st, please contact the school's technology support office at 330-872-0294 extension 7368.

For detailed directions on how to claim your account, please click this link.

If you did receive the email and you require any support during the process of completing your account and viewing your children in the system, scroll to the bottom of the Final Forms webpage and click "Get Help" for assistance.

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork processes at Newton Falls Exempted Village Schools and Go Tigers!
Posted: 05/31/2022 14:42:15

JH/HS Student Handbook

For information about the school's Code of Conduct, Dress Code, Discipline Procedures, Grading Procedures, Student Use of Technology, Use of Telephones, and more, click here for the JH/HS Student Handbook

Student Tardiness to School

Students are required to be at school on time. Students arriving to school tardy will be penalized after their 3rd offense for an unexcused tardy. A student may be suspended when reaching the excessive number of tardiness. All excused tardiness are not penalized.

The Junior-Senior High School requires that parents provide the school with a written excuse for an early dismissal. Students will take the excuse to the Attendance Office (Junior High Office) when arriving at school and receive a slip to leave school at the appointed time. We ask that parents not arrive and request students be dismissed. It is a disruptive and timely issue for office personnel and teachers. No student will be dismissed during the last 30 minutes of the school day. In an emergency, a phone call informing us of your need to have your child dismissed is certainly helpful under such circumstances.

Doors Open

The Jr./Sr. High School opens its door at 7:10 AM. Doors will be opened at 7:00 AM when the weather requires the students to come in from the rain, snow or extreme cold. Students will sit in the Commons-Cafeteria until 7:10 AM. Otherwise, the students will remain on the walkways until the entry bell sounds at 7:10 AM.

N.F. Fight Song

Go Newton Falls High
Fight for victory,
With your colors flying
We will cheer you all the time.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go Newton Falls High
Fight for victory,
Spread far the fame of our fair name.
Go you Tigers! Win that game!


N.F. Alma Mater

To Newton Falls we stand and sing,
And praise to alma mater bring.
Ever will our thoughts to thee
Be pledged in love and loyalty.
Friendships true and memories dear
Will live throughout each coming year.
Fellowship within thy halls
Has bound our hearts to Newton Falls

Attendance Concerns

Parents are reminded to call in daily absences to the Attendance Office (330-872-0905). Failure to notify the school of a child's absence will result in the absence being declared "unexcused." Unexcused absences may result in the child not receiving academic credit. If the absence is extended beyond one day, it is best to provide us with that information. Our school system sends out a daily notification to parents if their child is reported absent at the start of the school day. This call is placed to the home after 10:00 AM.

JH/HS Principal:

Mrs. Rachael Rankin

JH/HS Assistant Principal:

Mr. Robert Bauman

HS Secretary:

Mrs. Dee Howard

JH Secretary:

Mrs. Gina Bever

Grades: JH 7-8, HS 9-12

7:50 AM - Arrival
8:00 AM - Tardy
2:40 PM - Dismissal

Newton Falls High School
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Newton Falls Jr. High School
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HS Office: 330-872-5121
JH Office: 330-872-0905
Attendance: 330-872-0906
Fax: 330-872-5013

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