Shooting Star: Jaden Walton

Shooting Star: Jaden Walton

By: Madi Pelyak


Fast breaking, Jaden Walton goes hard into the paint for a lay-up. The whistle blows as the ball slowly rolls into the hoop. Foul! Two shots number twenty-three!” said the referee.

Being 5’11″ has advantages, especially for eighth grader Jaden Walton. Jaden’s an exceptional shooter, a very good rebounder and can play both post and guard positions. He averages 15-18 points and eight rebounds per game. “Jaden is one of the better players on the team,” his eighth grade basketball coach, Mr. Scott Kernen said. “He’s always hustling and tries his hardest with every step he takes on the court.”

His success has gotten him far in life, sports, and school. “Jaden is an above average student. He’s very well behaved in class; he’s always working hard and trying for an A,” said Darlene Schaefer, junior high math teacher.

    Jaden is an honorable student and said, “I’ve improved a lot over the years. I’ve increased my study habits, and I practice sports in my spare time.”

    Although Jaden stands out with his height, speed, and talent, to eighth grader Alan Boone, there is more to Jaden than just that: “There are two things that make him stand out. He’s best at shooting, but when he blocks shots, he makes it look too easy. Jaden is just a complete beast.”

    ”Jaden’s been pretty consistent all year, but the game he stood out the most was Girard. We were down by 11 points, and Jaden singlehandedly brought us back to win the game,” Kernen said.

    Correspondingly, Jaden has made a good impact on many people, especially his teammates and coaches. However, if there’s one person who has made an impact on Jaden, it’s his fifth and sixth grade basketball coach, Mark Medallis. “He was always willing to go out of his way to make me a better player than I already was. He showed me the importance of basketball,” Walton said.

    All in all, Jaden is an extremely hard worker and a basketball star. He has been playing basketball for five years, and in the future plans to be on the court with the varsity team. “Without basketball and other sports, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today,” Walton said.

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