Clooney for President

Clooney for President

By: Ashley Sembach


According to, a website that focuses on young voters, teens do not care about the presidential elections before they are able to vote.

    ”Who cares about the elections? We don’t have to worry about it until another five years,” said an anonymous seventh grade student at Newton Falls Junior High.

    ”The decisions that are made today affect the world. You should care, speak, and be heard,” stated Mr. Bugos, Newton Falls High School government teacher.

    Many students said they have no interest in the people that are going to be running our country. Seventh grader Brett Shiflett thought George Clooney was running in the next election. He is not the only one that has no clue who the candidates are.

    Have you ever heard of Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich? If you haven’t, you need to start paying attention. One of these people could be your country’s next leader.

Mitt Romney’s plan is to seek to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich wants to keep Americans safe, improve the economy, and create more jobs.

    Teens assume the elections have no effect on them, but what about creating new jobs? Some parents are unemployed, but if Gingrich is going to create more jobs, which would eventually give the families more money. More money means that the children will have a chance to get new items that are in high demand. Who wouldn’t want there to be a tax reduction? If Romney is successful, lower taxes will get more money in your family’s pocket.

    ”I don’t think society involves the kids enough. They should gain government information. We could even set up some mock elections and presidential debates,” said senior Joe Spletzer.

    In 2008 there were 13 percent more registered voters 18-29 years old compared to 30 and older. All together there were 146 million people that voted. If the younger age group represents a greater number of voters they should take responsibility to be informed before they have the right to vote.

    Voting is a privilege in our country that is not shared by people in other countries around the world. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to exercise that privilege. Teens need to understand that their time to vote will come, and when it does, they need to be informed. They should start paying attention to issues and candidates now.

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