We’re Losing Water

By: Chris Wilcox

Today, our Earth is running out of usable, fresh water. Freshwater makes up very little of the world’s water supply. 70% of the Earth is made up of water and yet only 2.5% of it is fresh. Even though we have 2.5% of fresh water only 1% of it is accessible,and a lot of that is trapped in glaciers and snowfields. This leaves 0.007% available to fuel and feed everybody on the Earth.

According to the Newton Falls Water Treatment Plant, residents of Newton Falls get their water from the east branch of the Mahoning River. Newton Falls uses about 600-650 K Gallons of water a day in the summer, but decreases down to 400-400 K a day in winter time. This is great because we’re able to treat 1.2 million gallons a day. According to Ray Kovacs,a Supervisor at The Newton Falls Water Treatment Plant, “ We meet EPA standards and have great quality water.”

However, we need to remember although we are able to treat tremendous amount of water, we need to still do our best to save water. For example, you can help conserve water by shutting the water off while you’re brushing your teeth and  taking faster showers. Every little bit helps.

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