Are You Addicted?

By: Alli Sembach and Bailey Shrum

Teenagers these days tend to be addicted to their phones and other electronic devices. 8th grade students Sidney Bryant and Andrew Steffens volunteered to give up all internet and electronic devices for 48 hours.

On day one, Sidney says she reached for her phone a few times and when she realized it wasn’t there, she felt like it was more of a punishment. Other then that, the first day wasn’t too bad for her. Andrew said that he was so bored that he took two naps, which he never does.

On the second day, Sidney says she wanted her phone more, but it wasn’t like an addiction, she just felt deprived from talking to her friends. Andrew tells us that his boredom became worse.

After the experiment, Sidney said that it helps to know she can go without her phone, but she wouldn’t do it again. She believes that in today’s society it is becoming more of a necessity to communicate with your phone. However, she hopes that this experiment will help her be less engaged with her phone so she can do more things with her life. Andrew says “ It felt like I was grounded for two days.” He also stated that he would never do the experiment again.

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