Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

By Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed By: Ashley Benetis

Vampires…..Werewolves…..Humans. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is a great fiction book if you like reading about a girl who gets whatever she wants and everyone thinks everything is about her.     

    Edward and Bella get married and go on a honeymoon in Isle Esme, off the coast of Brazil, where Bella ends up getting pregnant. “That was the best night of my existence,” Edward Cullen, the vampire, says. Jacob Black, the werewolf, leaves his pack, and Leah and Seth follow Jake and are now their own pack to help protect Bella. After Bella gets home from the honeymoon and they realize she’s pregnant, Jacob’s old pack tries to kill the baby. Jacob won’t let that happen because killing the baby means killing Bella with it.

    Meyer describes Bella and Edward as these people who have no relationship problems, but scary, breath-taking, life and death moments where Edward worships the ground that Bella walks upon. I would say that gets really annoying to see a couple where one does everything for the other.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to read this book because everyone does everything for Bella, and I feel that Bella is a person that doesn’t deserve everything Edward gives her. The only good thing about this book is Edward tries to compromise with everyone. The bad part is he always gives into what Bella wants. Bella wanted a small wedding and ended up changing her mind and wanting a big wedding. Plus, she ended up having over 500 guests.

    While reading this book, you will lose focus so many times, and you’re going to want to flat out throw the book at the wall. I’ve read all four books in the series and the only reason I did is because I wanted to see if the books were anything like the movie, and after I start reading a series, I can’t stop in the middle of it; I shouldn’t have wasted my time. The book itself is fine just the writing inside is what makes it horrible. Also Meyer tries to make the book sound like a great book, but really the only part that’s good about it is when Jacob tells his story. You actually can get into Jacob’s head, and you understand it so much more. When you get to the middle of the book everything starts to go down-hill, and that’s a bad thing. Most people want to read a book that’s good all the way through, not something that will put them to sleep with almost two or three hundred pages left.

    Although I hate the book, I liked the movie a lot more. It actually makes you want to see more and even though Bella still gets whatever she wants, it makes her look more like an actual person, not like the little girl who can’t defend herself.

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