The Clique: Dylan

The Clique: Dylan

by Lisi Harrison

Reviewed by Jordan Lahiff


Dylan Marvil, a teenage girl who falls in love with a major tennis fan named J.T. while on a business trip with her mom in Hawaii, must do anything to get him to love her back, but Dylan has already had two break-ups this summer. Will this be number three? This is what The Clique: Dylan by Lisi Harrison is about. Dylan must get J.T. to love her back. But the only way to with his heart is to get help from Russian tennis star, Svetlana Slootski.

Svetlana has had major anger problems in her past. One time she knocked another person’s teeth out with a tennis racket. She says she simply went into a “blonde rage” at that time. That blonde rage almost destroyed her career. In this story Dylan forces Svetlana to teach her about tennis so she can win J.T’s heart, but Svetlana would not just simply help a poor girl in need, unless they had some video to blackmail her with. Dylan and her Chocolate LG phone are a team, and if Svetlana comes near that phone, Svetlana will be ruined. Although Svetlana does try to take the phone, Dylan protected it and said, “Try that little stunt again and the only thing you’ll be endorsing is kitty litter.”

The fact that Dylan is going to train in tennis is surprising to all. Dylan Marvil is a rich girl used to spa-ing and relaxing all day. The training she will have to do with Svetlana in “The Svetlana Way” is going to be difficult. She is going to have to deal with jogging five miles with a pebble in her shoe, eating only boiled chicken breast at dinner and much more, or she will forever be what Svetlana calls a “size six loser-fan.”

So, what happens between Dylan and J.T.? All I can say is that they both will have their happy moments and at some point they will both crash and burn. In the end though, Dylan’s hours of hard training and eating nothing but boiled chicken breast only to impress a boy pays off, but not exactly how you would expect.

Personally, I love this book. I read it every day. I even get in trouble in some classes for reading it. The author did a great job in writing this book. It has everything: love, anger, betrayal, disgust, hatred, and even some action. Plus there is so much detail in what Dylan is seeing, smelling, and hearing.

This book is probably for people who like romance and even some who like betrayal. This book is mainly awesome because of the romance and betrayal. One part in the book is especially my favorite and says, ‘”I lost my mind out of my love for you,’ Dylan wanted to say. But it sounded too cheesy.”

Well, I told you all I can about this book. If you want to find out all that happens, read it. I promise you will at least like some parts in the book so just try it. You will not be disappointed.

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