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    How the Arts Influence the Students

    by Katie Burns, Senior Staff Writer for Yearbook

    High school is one of the most stressful, dramatic, and mood influencing places an individual can spend their time. With all of the high strung emotions high school forces you to endure, an escape is needed. For some, it’s being able to communicate with friends. Many enjoy going to a class that challenges their mind with complicated formulas and expressions. For others, it’s the most freeing and self-expressive activity one can participate in–the arts.

     Art is considered anything that is created with passion and drive. This can be manipulating your voice into beautiful, melodic tones for the world to hear. It can also be an abstract clay mold that makes someone feel the deepest of emotions when looking at it. Art is as simple as choosing what necklace to match with an outfit being worn. High school is a setting that requires a break throughout the many stresses it offers. Senior Thea Grunder, an avid lover and participator of all things creative, agrees, “Without art, no one would be able to express themselves as they truly want. For me, I get to have a break from berthing I’m made to conform to do throughout the day.”
         Having any form of art in school is a positive and uplifting way to let the students rediscover why they love what they love to do.For senior Brendan Martinez-Sweeney, choir is a personal favorite pastime. “It’s relaxing for me. It isn’t an actual class that requires you to be the best at. It requires a passion for what you do, and a good attitude while doing it. It makes me happy knowing I have a period to look forward to that i can enjoy spending with my friends.”
         If high school was spent endlessly cramming trigonometry, history, and MLA format for 8 hours straight, there would be no positivity. Ensuring that there’s a band room, a lone microphone waiting to be sung into, or a freshly cleaned paintbrush begging to be used enables a safe space for majority of high school kids. They receive a period where they can be expressive and creative and have the people they love doing the same thing right alongside of them. High schools need to create an environment their students look forward to entering, and those environments are created by the arts.


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