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    by Kayse Speicher, Senior Staff Reporter for Digital Media & Broadcast Journalism

    How do you express yourself at school?

    In school, we are all trying to find our way. School is full of drama and stress that overwhelms the students until their breaking point. So how do we ease the suffering and express ourselves? We wear clothes. Clothes express who you are and your identity. Yes, you are required to wear clothes, but the type of clothes you wear express what type of person you are. Wearing certain pieces can give others an idea of what you like.

    Even though in Newton Falls we have a strict dress code, we can still wear most of our favorite things. Walking down the hall you may seen many of the students wearing their best or having a lazy day. For example, when you wear sweats it could mean you are having a relaxing and comfortable day. When you wear a dress, you are feeling good and want to show others your sense of style. Some may ask if clothes are that important. To many, clothes are who they are. Clothes can be a safe place and a sense of peace. That might sound silly, but I know a lot of people who love wearing what makes them happy.

    In Newton Falls, I have many friends who love to wear what makes them comfortable and happy. They want to look good and express how they feel through a nice top or a nice pair of shoes. But something else happens in Newton Falls regarding clothes; rudeness at its finest.┬áNot everyone is going to like your outfit, but don’t let what other say about you unique fashion sense affect you or who you are as a person. If someone doesn’t like your mom jeans, that’s their problem. You can wear what makes you happy.

    Newton Falls should be a safe place to express who you are. No matter what your passion is don’t let others bring you down. Wear the clothes you feel best in. Clothes don’t always define who you are, but they can express the type of person you are and your likes and dislikes. I dress up everyday because wearing cute and unique things are a safe place for me in the halls of Newton Falls. Let it be a safe place for you too. Overall, the message is to express yourself through the clothes you love or through anything you have a passion for. The pictures you will see below are students of Newton Falls who express themselves through clothes.


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